Friday, January 4, 2013

So, I have decided to take some time off with Scrapbooking DT work. I have found that I miss being able to create when I want to create and how I want to create and have fun doing it. I found that working on DT's I don't think is the thing for me. I end up feeling like it's a job and then I loose site of enjoying what I do. Seems that deadlines and all the work that you have to do when you are on a DT is just too much work. And then, most of the time I wasn't able to work with all of this yummy goodness in product that I have in my personal stash that I miss working with. So with that being said, now that it is a NEW YEAR 2013..........I get to start creating again and SHOPPING for scrappy stuff. I am in the process of starting my great newphew Silas's baby albumn. Oh my goodness where does the time go? He will be a year old in Feb........... I told my niece when he was born that I would make his first year baby album for his 1st birthday. Now it's time to start cranking.


  1. Have fun creating just for pure enjoyment! Happy 2013 :D

  2. have fun, that is the reason we do what we do...happy 2013!

    enjoy *~*


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