Wednesday, November 9, 2011

home decor crafty projects

I have been on a mission to get some decorations done for my bedroom. I really have nothing on my walls, mismatched modge podge of furniture, no nice comforter for my bed, just a plain old blanket. (Not sure that I will invest in anything too fancy since I have TWO BRAT dogs that love to be on my bed all the time.
So I have kind of been making a few small things to at least hang on my walls.
One of them is this cute little picture frame that I had bought at an antique store awhile ago, that was intially blue. I was browing the internet and found something that was super cute that I could do with this frame, so I made it the other night.

Now the next prject I also made on the same night. I had picked up this old frame over the weekend at another antique shop because I just thought it was cute. Well my neighbor is a very shabby chic vintage kind of gal with all of her decor and she was with me when I picked this frame up. She was like (oh you have to come over and see a frame that I have just like that, I bet you can make it look like what I have) So I did....and it was super I basically copied what she had hanginng on her wall and made my own version of it. Of course it required me to run to the store and get some cute flowers, but that was easy. I had everything else at home to make this.

I have another idea flying around in my head and will work on this project this weekend, but it will be something with an OLD window. I purchased several of these off of Cragis list about a year ago, figuring I would eventually get around to doing something with them. Now that I am on a mission to get stuff on my walls in my bedroom, this will be another project that I will be working on, so stay tuned...........
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  1. These are wonderful Carla! They are both gorgeous frames!

  2. Carla what beautiful pieces...sorry I havent been around in a while...
    Very inspiring work!!


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