Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pretty bad wind storm Thursday night

caused a power outage from Thursday night through Saturday night. Just got my power back up late last night. Had no idea how bad the damage was since I was not able to watch the news, but Friday morning I drove around my neighborhood which is very close to our beaches by Lake Michigan and was amazed at the amount of trees that were totally destroyed. I do not believe that there was anyone that was seriously injured during this storm, but there sure was alot of property damage. So I will share a couple of pictures for you to see the trees that were HUGE and just ripped out of the ground. I have alot more pictures because I just couldn't stop taking photos of every single tree that was uprooted that I saw because it just shocked me., I have never seen anything like this before in person.


  1. whoa! that was some storm! Glad everyone is you get high winds being next to the lake!? Happy 4th, Carla~

  2. Carla, I'm so sorry about the destruction. It must have been very scary and I'm glad you and your family are okay. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  3. Oh that is pretty bad. We have tropical storms too and branches come down/ The worst is if they hit cars driving on the roads.

  4. So glad you faired better than the trees. The devastation is unnerving. It's unreal to think that those trees weathered storms for years... replacement and landscaping will now take generations.


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