Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Question for all you scrappy crafty people

I have dabbled in altered art. I have done just a few things to try my hand at it, given inspiration from many many many blogs and some of my scrappy friends on line. I am mainly a lay out girl to be quite honest with you, but there is so much out there now in the scrap book community that is more then just lay outs. All of this altered art popping up all over the place. Altering cigar boxes, or bird cages, lamp shades, anything that someone can get their hands on and get their creative juices flowing to alter I have seen on line. There are wonderful pieces of art out there but my question is.........what do you do with it when you are finished?
That is my problem. I have done a couple of canvas's just for the fun of it. I have altered a dress form, and I have altered a box. Everything that I have altered now sits in my room either in a drawer or on a shelf collecting dust.
I have decided that I am not going to waste my time dabbling in altered art anymore because I dont do anything with the pieces that I create, so why create them?
What do you do with your work? Do you display it on a shelf, do you give it away as gifts, do you sell them at crafts shows? I dont have the room to continue to make sure that sits around. The good thing about scrapbooking is that I do a lay out and it goes in an album.


  1. I have not done a bunch of altered items, actually very little, but have done decorative painting. Most of that gets put on walls or shelves. Like you, I only have so much room and wonder about where I would put all the items. Boxes, I would put little embellishments in, but other items that can't house something, I would have to really think about! Sheves would be great, but I live in the desert and I have all the dust I can tolerate!

  2. What a great question. I have wondered the same thing and that is why I stick to layouts and now cards. I have altered very few items and I have always given them away. LOL, sorry I'm not much help.

  3. Great question Carla!
    I only started making altered items when I joined the Studio Design team, so all the things I have created just hang around the house collecting dust!!
    I am a layout gal....maybe you could donate what you really do not want to a bazaar for charity, or give them away...take pictures of them so you remember them then give them away!!....hope this helps a little!! LOL

  4. I love altered art 'almost' as much as my LO's. Most of what I create I give away as gifts. I do have about 5 canvases hanging on my walls and I change them out as I make new ones. In my scrap room I bought some grid wall from a scrap store that was going out of business so it is my display wall. I can change things out frequently. I will be posting pics of my scrap room next week on my blog after my hubby returns home from a vacation with our camera.

    I am now a follower!

  5. Oh how I know how you feel ! My bits and pieces are all over the place. Luckily I have a jewelery shop so can sell my cards there but not all of them as some are a bit to fragile or unusual, so they just hang around until I can find a home for them.


  6. Carla, why I use them to collect dust just as you suggested LOL...I have a lovely display cabinet and I display them there. I do the altered things because I need to just let my 'Muse' run sometimes. I hang many of my things. I am moveing to a larger room...it is a huge undertaking. I will have more display room. I know that sounds selfish and opulent, but I am at a stage in my life where I am doing what makes ME happy. And it certainly makes me happy.
    . I wish I was a card maker. But alas scrapbooks and altered goodies. I have also donated things for charity sales.
    Keep smiling and creating-great question, I enjoyed reading everyones answers.

  7. Thanks for your sweet comments on my DT position! I do alterd art now and then. I display my boxes(but keep stuff in them, like crafting bits, or jewelry etc), give them away as gifts and soon I will sell them. I enjoy doing them because its a challenge to think 3d instead of 2d..Plus I like to try to do new things all the time. So thats my take on the subject...take care, gerri :)

  8. Oh my goodness... Layouts go in albums??? hmmm, I guess they do, I should do that with the STACK I have, lol!! I have built in shelves in the guest room so that is where I put altered pieces and my seasonal mini albums, that way when a guest comes they can look at them and such. Other pieces that I find I decided that I will only make if I have a specific place or use for them, otherwise...what's the point if you can't enjoy it after the fact. :)

  9. The day I can fit a layout in an album...LOL..will be the day I fill one of the many albums that sit in my bookcase...LOL. I am missing you Carla :-)
    I try to create things that are boxes and I can use to put things in. OTherwise I can give them away. I have heard of galz giving their art to Habitat for Humanity,..or their local church..so you can create and donate to a worthy cause..and feel all good about it. I usually end up having someone visit..say they like it...and I just give it to them. Hugs! I hope you get power soon!! Too quiet at Bellas with out you :-)


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