Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So we had some storms last night

and they were pretty much done and over with by the time I went to bed around 10:30. But out of the blue there was a tree in the back yard of mine and my neighbors house (I live in a duplex with a fense seperating our yards) this huge tree smack dab in the middle decided that it didnt want to stand anymore, and just cracked right at the base and fell to the side of my neighbors house landing on her roof.
What amazes me is that this was right in my small back yard, where my bedroom window faces and I had my window open but dont remember hearing this crack or feeling it hit the house. My son who has his room downstairs said that he felt the house shake.
I was woken up by both of my dogs barking and my neighbor pounding on my door. Scared the beeeeeegeeeeegiiiizzzz out of me at midnight.
So, our fence that seperates our yards it down, the tree is suspended still in the air because the top part of the tree landed on her side of the roof, and is also being supported by her wire trellis thing that she has in her yard.


  1. wow! what a tree! doesn't look like your house is damaged too bad though... thank goodness!

  2. WOW! This could have cause so much damage...glad you're ok:)

  3. Aack! I've heard trees that large fall. I've seen them crack concrete.... and evidently wreak havoc on underground gas lines years later. Be very careful! So glad to know you're okay.

  4. Yikes Carla, so glad everyone is ok! You sleep like me, I probably wouldn't of heard or felt it either.

  5. Wow! That's scary! Glad your neighbor is okay. You must of been sleeping hard. Hope everything can get fixed soon.

  6. Hi Carla...that´s scary...I´m so glad everyone is ok!!!!I wish good things for you and your family!!
    I just love evrything in many wonderful works...I love all the many gorgeus details!!!I´m follower now.
    I wish a wonderful day and a great weekend!!!
    Kisses and huges from Brazil

  7. YIKES! SO glad nobody was hurt. You must be a sound sleeper! lol~ How scary, Carla...lucked out that your car wasnt damaged either. xo

  8. Oh wow Carla what an experience! amazing pics by the way!!!!!!!

  9. Just so happy you and yr family are ok! It is sad to lose such a majestic tree...

  10. oh my gosh, how terrible. At least no one was hurt! We had a storm pass thru last night with micro bursts and I had visions of this happening, luckly it didnt.
    Hugs Lynn

  11. I am so very glad that you are okay! How scary! I can't believe you slept through it. Wow! You must be a super heavy sleeper. I envy you that! Every little noise wakes me up.

  12. Carla,
    So glad you are ok. What a mess...
    Thanks for stopping by to visit the fishin post.
    Have a great weekend, hope all the trees stay where they belong for awhile.
    Big hugs


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