Monday, June 20, 2011

She's spreading her wings

And leaving the nest...........
My baby girl, Mariah will be 20 in September has decided to leave the nest. Im sad about this today and having a hard time dealing with it. She's not moving far, but it's the whole concept of her actually moving out and being independent and not needing me anymore that has me sad. When did she grow up on me? It just seems like yesterday that she was this little girl that I dressed up in frilly dresses and hair bows.
Adorable right?

And now she is this woman, like she grew up right before my eyes and I didnt see it coming. When did she get so grown up and independent? It's like it happened over night. I didn't think that this day would be here so soon. with her going to college close to home, I just assumed that she would live with me for several more years yet. But an apportunity came up to move in with some friends and the rent is pretty cheap, so she decided that she wants to take that LEAP in life and become even more independent.

Here she is all grown up.
I know I posted this lay out about a month ago or so, but its the most recent layout/picture that I have of her.

On the flip site my son who will be 18 in August is super excited that his sister is moving out because he gets to move his bedroom down stairs. And now that he will be downstairs I actually have the option of taking his bedroom and making it into a scrap room, but...........the mothering side of me says not to jump right in there because what if she needs to move back home? So we will leave the room alone for now......because you never know.
Anyways.........thanks for listening..............Im just a bit SAD today. :(


  1. Cheer up, Mom! Don't be sad, because you raised her to be brilliant and independant. There will be so many fun adventures you can create together and like you said, she is not moving far. My daugher moved 17 hours away, not 20, but 40 YOA. We were 3 hours away, so that hit me a little hard, but she wanted to follow a dream! I am sure your DD will be there quite often! Hugs!

  2. Oh Carla... I so understand. She is moving on and you should do the same. Take the room, make it yours and enjoy it. If she does come back home, you have a

    Bunch of Hugs for you!

  3. Poor thing...I hear will take some adjustment! It seems unfathomable to me that my turn is coming and the little girl I saw everyday, ate every meal with and loved having home will be making a similiar move and I will have gaps of not seeing her!!!WTH? I LIKE seeing her every day! lol~ Like Terry said,though, you raised her well enough to be independant, so you did your job right. Enjoy this last bit of time with your ds because he will be next! Sympathy hugs!

  4. Awe Carla, I know its hard when they leave the nest but a least she will be close to home and your son is still there. They do grow up way to fast! Darling page and a beautiful girl!
    hugs Lynn

  5. Oh Carla,
    I know JUST how you feel today. I have one child (daughter), when she left for college I thought my heart would break in at least one million pieces. I kept asking myself, just as you are; where did all this time go, how did this happen, etc. You know that leaving the nest is a part of growing up and becoming the person we worked so hard to bring up. My Mr. Nook helped when he told me that she (Minyele) will always need me when it really counts in her adult life, he was right. This is comforting to me. You hang in there, all will work out just fine I am sure.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such nice comments on my bird tags, much appreciated.
    Big Hugs for you today.

  6. I can totally imagine why you would be sad. I am not looking forward to my kiddos moving out either. Although it would be nice to have a scraproom... I'd rather have them here. I'm sorry that you are so sad. Great big hugs to you!

  7. Big steps around your house. Best of luck with your family on this important milestone. Love how in the cherish layout you built the focal point by manipulating the picture

  8. Carla, I just love these two pages! Reading about them brought a tear to my eye! Love every detail on both pages. You have a beautiful daughter and it is her time to fly!


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