Monday, October 10, 2011

Fabric Pumpkin........

So there was a woman at work who had a couple of these on her desk and I said "those are cute where did you get them?" She then told me that she made them.....HMMMMMMM, so I googled a tutorial and found this one: CLICK HERE

Well then I had to go to Hobby Lobby because I didnt have any fall material, they didnt have much to choose from so I just got a yard of this orange. I already had leaves and the raffia and instead of making a fabric stem I went out into the yard and found a stick, and that is what I decorated the top with.

I am taking this one to work to set on my desk, but I think Im going to look for more material and make a few cute ones for my living room to put on my fireplace mantel.


  1. ohmygosh....SO cute! Great job...coworkers are going to want one!

  2. Oh my gosh, I got one of these at a garage sale this weekend and wanted to make more. I was looking at how to make some and here you are with the very tutorial I needed. Yours turned out so cute. Great job on this.

  3. Carla..these are just too darn cute for words. Wonderful!!!


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