Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dress forms

Ok, so I have the TH die that I love. I have only cut a couple of these out and havent really played around with them too much other then adding them to a scrap book page or two.
The other day I was blogging and ran across Amy's blog.

The dress form that she has on her blog was just adorable.
Her dress form was padded and I had asked her about it and she stated that she received it from a company that is no longer in business.
I was going try and find something to pad mine with, but decided to go ahead and just play around and do a couple without padding.
So here are the two that I have done so far.
The first one I did I actually glimmer misted it and then embossed it to give it a shine. I then took a little doily that I had and I cut it in half. From there I just glued everything in place. I actually added some stiff felt to the back to secure most of the gluing in place.
The second one I just painted and glimmer misted. I then took ribbon and just started layering. Added a little feather and a little stone and WA LA....done.......
CUTENESS....not sure what I will do with these....but had fun making them!


  1. Those are FABULOUS! It's so fun to see how people adapt them to their own styles - I love how glamorous yours are. Thanks so much for the blog mention, I appreciate it :)

  2. These are both elegant and lovely! Beautifully designed!

  3. such variety! they are each unique...especially like the burgundy and black one with the tiny feather, Carla

  4. Awesome awesome, Carla!! Love it!! Who doesnt't love dress forms? Have a wonderful day!! :D

  5. These dress forms are so beautiful and elegant.

  6. Carla they are absolutely adorable!!!!! must have had so much fun!!!!!!!

  7. So adorable - love them! Both look a bit vintage and are very elegant, would compliment a LO I would think or even look stunning on a card!

  8. these are so wonderful. love fashion in miniature !

  9. These are adorable! Love them!

  10. Love your dress form decorating
    Too sweet
    keep smiling and creating, thanks for popping by

  11. You have started quite an outstanding collection of these cuties!


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