Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Beautiful Daughter

Mariah never ever lets me take pictures of her anymore. She hates it when I have the camera out and try to snap pictures of her. So I was looking through her facebook photos and she has a few out there that she has used for her profile pictures. I snagged this one off of her FB page and decided to scrap it. I think she did some photo editing color changes to it, but thought it was cute. i dug through my stash of PP and found a really cute fancy pants line that I was horing, with matching stickers and rub ons. I then added prima blind and lots of cute flowers.


  1. Beautiful beautiful layout!!!!!!!!!!
    Carla your daughter is beautiful what a pity she does not let you take photos.....I was like that as a teen....thankfully my mother did not scrapbook!! lOL (of course that was 100 years ago)
    I love the embellishments...fabulous!!!!!

  2. I agree with Irini, Your daughter is beautiful!!!
    Love the layout!


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