Thursday, April 21, 2011

So thought this was super cute

But when you watch utube videos of other crafters out there showing you something that they made, why does it always look so easy?
Check this out:
DREW SCOTT Click on his name.
I had heard of Drew Scott before, but this was the first time that I have seen any of his work. I just thought this was super I have this die, I wanted to try this..................

Now Im not saying this was hard by any means, just very very time consuming. Especially for someone like me that works full time, and only sits at my craft table for maybe an hour here and there a night during the week. I started this little project last it is Thursday evening and Im still not done. This is just the cover that I am showing you now. Im in the process of completing the embellishments on all the pages and once Im done I will post the rest.


  1. Carla it looks stunning!!
    have you cut the chipboard your self or was it ready bought...just amazing!!!

  2. Wow this is gorgeouswork.
    Well done my friend


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