Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just a sneak slowly but surely I am adding things to my window.......last night while skyping with some friends, I also sat at my crafty table with my window and started adding some details to it.
Here is a quick sneak of what I have added so far.

Monday, November 14, 2011


So....about a year ago...I went on the hunt for old windows. At the time I had nothing hanging on my living room walls and found some really cute idea's out there onthe Internet to alter them and add photos. I found someone on Craig's list that was getting rid of a bunch of them and at the time I grabbed about 8 of them for a couple bucks a piece. Sweet deal right?
Well they have been sitting in my garage for the past year, and about a week ago I got one out because I am in the process of trying to get some type of decorations in my bedroom that is very plain right now.
Here is a picture of the beginning of the window.

Tonight I finally am sitting here trying to figure out how I want to decorate this. This will be a window that will be altered but not with photos like I initially wanted to do for my living room. This is just going to be a wall hanging for above my bed.

This is not finished, just the beginning but wanted to share some sneaks.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

home decor crafty projects

I have been on a mission to get some decorations done for my bedroom. I really have nothing on my walls, mismatched modge podge of furniture, no nice comforter for my bed, just a plain old blanket. (Not sure that I will invest in anything too fancy since I have TWO BRAT dogs that love to be on my bed all the time.
So I have kind of been making a few small things to at least hang on my walls.
One of them is this cute little picture frame that I had bought at an antique store awhile ago, that was intially blue. I was browing the internet and found something that was super cute that I could do with this frame, so I made it the other night.

Now the next prject I also made on the same night. I had picked up this old frame over the weekend at another antique shop because I just thought it was cute. Well my neighbor is a very shabby chic vintage kind of gal with all of her decor and she was with me when I picked this frame up. She was like (oh you have to come over and see a frame that I have just like that, I bet you can make it look like what I have) So I did....and it was super I basically copied what she had hanginng on her wall and made my own version of it. Of course it required me to run to the store and get some cute flowers, but that was easy. I had everything else at home to make this.

I have another idea flying around in my head and will work on this project this weekend, but it will be something with an OLD window. I purchased several of these off of Cragis list about a year ago, figuring I would eventually get around to doing something with them. Now that I am on a mission to get stuff on my walls in my bedroom, this will be another project that I will be working on, so stay tuned...........
Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy November and Happy Fall

So it is the beginning of Novemeber, and with that we have some new challenges over at Bella Creations, with some awesome sponsors this month.
You need to come over and check them out.

We have 3 challanges a month, Bella Unique, Bella Tres Chic and Bella Muse.
For the month of October I did the Bella Tres Chic challenge. For this challenge it was a free style, so basically anything that we wanted to do really!
I made a very simple fall card. On this card you will see a pumpkin that is just adorable.....I just received this pumpkin from a swap that we had over at Bella Creations. We had a fall/winter stash swap and this was something that I received from my swqap partner Daphane! Super cute right?

I also wanted to let everyone know of the Bella Creations 1st CROP. Its called our Christmas Cinema crop, and starts Dec 2nd at 6pm Est, will run though the weekend of the 3rd and 4th.

Our DT has been brainstorming on some awesome games and challenges for everyone to come and join in when you get a free moment and have some fun! So mark your calendars.

Here is something that I also wanted to share, a fall wreath that I made. I bought a really cute Xmas one over the weekend, and my neighbor just happened to have one of these wreath stands that sits on the floor, and offered it to me. Since it was too early to hang the Xmas one up.....I went to HL and bought a wreath so that I could make one for fall. I had all the other stuff at home to make it, so I sat down saturday night and put this together.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Hens’ Den 1st Design Team Member Call!

We have grown this year and we would love to grow more.

We are looking for 4 more talented team members who can create a minimum of two projects per month using store product that will be supplied to you.

We are looking for the following skills:
1 person who loves making cards
1 person who loves making layouts
1 person who loves mini albums
1 person who loves home décor/altered projects
(You can be great at all of these)

We are looking for someone who:
Is a follower of The Hen’s Den
Has an active blog
Is capable of meeting deadlines
Has strong photo skills
Can write instructions on how they created their design/layout/project

How to Apply:
Send e-mail to with your name, address, phone number a brief description of yourself and why you would like to be a part of The Hens' Den design team.
Submit one unpublished project showing off your strongest talent – layout, card, mini album, home décor/altered project - if chosen we will use your submission when we announce the new team members
Link to your blog
Link to Facebook page
Link to online galleries
Other information if applicable:
Active on any message boards?
Any other social media you actively participate in?
Are you on any other design teams?
Do you teach classes?
Benefits upon signed contract for one year term beginning January 1st 2012:
A permanent link on the blog directly to your blog
For every post a link to your blog directly to you
Product shipped to you for the monthly deadlines
Store discount
If you are teaching we will post it on the websites event calendar and on the design team blog.

Today through December 1st, 2011

Announcements will be sent out to the winners by 12/15/2011.

Please send your unpublished project & links to with “DESIGN TEAM SUBMISSION” in the subject line.

At this time we are unable to accept international design team submissions.

Good Luck and we look forward to your submission!
The Hens’ Den

I love seeing altered items

and have to tell you that my friend CHARLIE rocks when it comes to altering stuff. Me....not so much.................and its because I just find that when I alter something it ends up sitting there collecting dust. Its fun to do, and I love to get creative trying to alter something, but its just not something for me.
So.....I bought this bird cage at an antique mall awhile ago..........#1, because I just thought it was adorable, #2, the price was right, #3, thought it would be cute as a decoration in my bedroom, #4, I thought for a moment, well I could alter it. But guess sat there...collecting dust for months. I just never got around to doing something with it.
Well my dear friend Charlie that owns the Hen's Den loves to alter things....and well.......she got the bird cage.....................and I knew that she would ROCK altering this bird cage......
Now think of this cage empty, and pink.......
And look at it now.
Didnt she do a fabulous job?